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Scape topper Scape topper

Invisible Scalp Hair Topper

100% Natural Remy Human Hair

Hair toppers are a great and easy option for women to disguise partial hair loss or thinning areas on the scalp.

Invisible Scalp Hair Topper

Made from top quality 100% cuticle-on Remy human hair, Zulfeyn Hair toppers have bases in different sizes and come in different lengths and thicknesses, uniquely addressed to your partial hair loss needs. When choosing a hair topper, you will want to note the base style, size, hair length, hair type and colour. This will determine which topper style is right for you. Unlike most hair toppers which are made of processed silicone coated hair, our clip-in toppers are custom-made from Indian Remy Human hair to ensure they look 100% natural.


  • Hair type: 100% Remy Human Hair
  • Cap Construction: Silk base with prominent MonoPart™ Base for a side part. Polyurethane lining throughout.
  • Baby hair Realistic baby hair along perimeter of base
  • Knotting: Hand-injected strands with bleached knots in front
  • Hair Length: 6 Inches to 28 Inches
  • Longevity: 12-18 months with proper case and maintenance
  • Limitless color combinations with over 55 colors to choose from

Color Swatches

Choose from our wide assortment of Naturals, Rooted, and colors to create the perfect new look.

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Perfect your keratin extensions service with Zulfeyn signature professional tools. All the tools you need for keratin application and removal in one place.

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