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Flat-Tip Italian Keratin Fusion Extensions

100% Natural Remy Human Hair

Experience the ultimate in quality with our straight Flat-Tip fusion hair extensions. Our hair are natural wavy and will look and feel amazing on you.

Bonded Fusion Hair Extensions

Made from top quality 100% cuticle-on Remy human hair, Zulfeyn Keratin Extensions create seamless length, colour, and volume without compromising discretion. Our soft, pre-customized matte bonds along with soft metal wire allow stylists to provide their clients with the tailored application and styling versatility desired. The result is discreet, comfortable, and flawless natural body wave extensions that blend perfectly with clients’ natural hair that too without Hot Glue Application.


  • Soft, matte keratin bond
  • Discreet bond allows for undetectable application
  • Hair Type: 100% Remy cuticle-on human hair
  • Glue type: Italian keratin bonded glue
  • Tip Type: Flat structured tip
  • Weight: 1 gram per strand
  • Total Pieces: 50 or 100 strands depends on your choice
  • Limitless color combinations with over 55 colors to choose from
  • Advised Quantity: for full increase in volume use 100 strands

Colour Swatches

Choose from our wide assortment of Naturals, Rooted, and colours to create the perfect new look.

Keratin Tools

Perfect your keratin extensions service with Zulfeyn signature professional tools. All the tools you need for keratin application and removal in one place.

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